Wellbeing in the workplace

Wellbeing in the workplace

There is a growing body of evidence to support the business case for implementing a Wellbeing in the Workplace Strategy. Promoting wellbeing at work and healthier lifestyle choices which support staff health can improve staff morale and increase productivity.

The main aims of a health check are:

  • to identify pre existing health problems
  • to assess risk factors for disease
  • to provide recommendations on lifestyle and health that will encourage a longer and healthier life

Included in the health checks:

  • health and lifestyle questionnaire
  • lifestyle advice

Also included in a wellbeing in the workplace strategy:

  • test for diabetes
  • body mass index calculation
  • body fat percentage
  • blood pressure and pulse
  • risk factors for heart disease
  • vision test
  • hearing test
  • lung function test
  • urine test
  • lifestyle advice – alcohol, smoking, diet etc

We can offer:

  • Health Checks – individual health assessments focusing on heart health, healthy eating, lung function and exercise
  • Health Promotion Awareness Days
  • Stress Awareness Days
  • Know Your Numbers Week – blood pressure checks
  • Mental Health Awareness Week

DSE Assessments

The use of Display Screen Equipment (laptops, desktops) in the workplace is at the highest it has ever been, so it is important to ensure you are compliant with the legislation and employees are comfortable at their workstation. The workforce of today are living increasingly sedentary lifestyles, so it is important to raise awareness and educate, therefore minimizing the risk of pain from DSE use. Furthermore, employees using Display Screen Equipment must be offered an eye test by their employer, in line with HSE guidance.

Helping your employees to be comfortable and sit correctly at their workstation can promote wellbeing in the workplace and increase productivity. Sarsen Health DSE Assessments include intermediate vision eye tests, assessment of workstations and advice on posture and wellbeing at work.

What we offer:

  • DSE assessments – a paper assessment and onsite review of ergonomic set up, advice on posture and workstation set up
  • Ergonomic assessments for those with complex health problems and advice on adjustments.

What our clients say

We benefited from their advice in understanding the issues …

“We really did not know where to get help with an employee who felt stressed and went off sick. Sarsen Health helped us manage the process and we benefited from their advice in understanding the issues.”

Finance Director, Investment Fund

Sarsen Health helped us with clear advice …

“Sarsen Health helped us with clear advice on rehabilitation for a valued member of staff.”

Managing Director, SME

Thanks for your fast response …

“Thanks for your fast response and help with safety critical worker assessments for my team”

Director, SME

Good robust, defendable advice …

“We get good robust, defendable advice from Sarsen Health.”

HR Manager, Nationwide Construction Company

A pleasure to work with …

“The service received is always professional and on time, this allows me to meet objectives for our business. Sarsen Health are a pleasure to work with!”

HR Director, Concrete Repairing Company

Excellent, high quality occupational health services …

“Employing people can be complicated at times, not least when there may be issues around absenteeism and health or capability. The circumstances and action needed are not always clear and when this is the situation, I do not hesitate to recommend Sarsen Health. Sarsen Health provide excellent, high quality occupational health services. Their approach is to work closely with the business in order to understand the issues, whist supporting the employee and providing advice that is clear and robust.”

Martine Robins, HR Department

Above and beyond …

“We have worked with Sarsen Health for 10 years now and they provide an excellent service that meets our needs and requirements. They always go above and beyond their contracted services and are a major part of our team. I would not consider employing anyone else to carry out our occupational health Services.”

Sharon O’Sullivan HR Executive

Invaluable support for our employees …

“Sarsen Health consistently react promptly to requests made and are available to discuss any concerns almost 24/7, always going ‘the extra mile. They have sensitively supported at least 2 employees recently; with their help, one has completely stopping smoking after a lifetime; and they have helped another through a cancer scare, getting them back into work. Their advice given has been invaluable.”

Site Manager

100% confidence in Sarsen …

“By providing the service you do for Centura Group, my decision to use Sarsen Health as our occupational health providers has been 100% confirmed. You are fully up to date with the relevant legislation and your team has added value to the health and wellbeing of our staff over the past 10 years. Let’s hope there are many more years of us working together as a team.”

HR Manager, Centura Group

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